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  • Indian housewife, Priya, was tired of her mundane life at home. She longed for excitement and adventure, something that would make her feel alive again. One day, she decided to take a job at a prestigious office, hoping to find some thrill in her monotonous routine. Little did she know, her new boss, Mr. Sharma, was a charming and handsome man who couldn't resist her seductive charms. As they worked late nights together, Priya couldn't help but get naughty in the office, fulfilling her wildest fantasies. She was addicted to the thrill of being caught, and Mr. Sharma couldn't get enough of her. Their steamy encounters were like scenes from a pornky video, with Priya taking control and Wet showing off her skills she learned from watching Indian xxx hd videos. But their secret affair was soon discovered, and they were faced with the consequences. Will they be able to keep their love and passion alive, or will they succumb to societal pressures? Watch the latest Ullu web series, 'Office Affairs', starring Priya and Mr. Sharma, and find out. With the added bonus of Ava Addams porn and Indian school porn videos, this series will leave you wanting more.
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